This recipe is a traditional Danish recipe (Vaniljekranse) with a small twist – we added a bit of orange peel. Usually these biscuits are supposed to look like what we call Spritzgebäck in German (spritz biscuits in English). However, we didn’t have the appropriate kitchen utensils at home, only a piping bag, and it was… Continue reading Appelsinkranse


Four Days of Christmas Cookies

While Christmas is coming closer and closer, I am getting more and more stressed – so many gifts to find and pack, exams, making appointments with friends for when I am home again,… It can all be a bit much. But just as last years, I took the time for one relaxing day of baking… Continue reading Four Days of Christmas Cookies


Salad with Carrot Chips and Goat Cheese Pastry

Puha, as we say in Denmark – this week I am really busy. We are having the first good-bye-see-you-again-next-year dinners, as most of my friends here will leave the city to return to their families for the holidays. Also exams are coming up, christmas concerts want to be played, and thoughtful presents for friends and… Continue reading Salad with Carrot Chips and Goat Cheese Pastry


Tortellini with Roasted Mushrooms

Do you also know these weekends, where you just do nothing? At least if you don’t count binge watching of some tv series as something productive 😉 In the beginning, I always quite like these kinds of weekends, but when Sunday evening approaches I go completely mental, starting to doubt myself, wondering about the weirdest… Continue reading Tortellini with Roasted Mushrooms


Colorful Carrot Pastry with Goat Cheese

Wow, this was delicious! And such an eyecatcher on a table! Sorry for this outburst, I am just still excited over the taste 🙂 On an unrelated note: Christmas is approaching really fast, and I’, getting into the mood: the other day, I baked German Christstollen, the recipe of which you will get on Saturday,… Continue reading Colorful Carrot Pastry with Goat Cheese