Glühwein Jam

Glühwein Marmelade

Christmas is approaching rapidly – and so is my anticipation to it! Spending the days with family and friends, cozy candle light everywhere, and a warming glass of Glühwein, that’s the best! I could spend the entire year looking forward to those days 🙂 That is why I used my spare time on the weekend to cook a perfectly christmassy Glühwein jam. Glühwein is the German version of Scandinavian Glögg, and according to wikipedia it is apparently called mulled wine in Britain. It is basically warm wine, mixed a little bit of fresh orange juice and christmas spice like cinnamon, cloves and sterned aniseed. So I figured, if you like it that much, why not make a jam that tastes like Glühwein? It also has the advantage, that you can actually work after having tasted it, because it does not make you tipsy!

So here is, how I approached my christmas marmelade project:

Ingredients for 5 large glasses:

1200 g wild berries
400 ml red wine (I prefer a dry one, but that is up to personal taste)1 Orange
3 tea bags of spicey christmas tea
600 g sugar
2 tsp. gelling powder for marmelade
cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla sugar

Press the juice of the orange into a small pan and add the tea bags. Slowly heat up the juice. In the meantime, defrost the berries on the stove, after 3 minutes add the wine to the berries. When the fruit are not frozen anymore, add the warm orange juice and the tea bags unitl the mass starts boiling. Squeeze and then remove the teabags. Boil the fruits for 5 minutes under constant stirring. Meanwhile mix gelling powder with 2 tbsp. sugar, and add cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla sugar to the sugar according to taste. After 5 minutes passed, add the sugar-spice mixture and boil for another 2 minutes. Then add the gelling powder-sugar mixture to the fruits and boil everything until it starts thickening. Rinse the jam glasses and fill in the fruit mass. Clean the screw-cap with a wet paper towels and cap the glasses.

Tip: I like to give self-made jam as a small gift to friends and family, especially when christmas is approaching 😉


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