It is time for the second recipe of Danish cookie cuisine, sadly it is also the last one for this week. Klejner are a very traditional Danish Christmas cookies, but they are also known in the other Scandinavian countries – at least in variations. The very special thing about these cookies is that they are not baked but boiled in coconut oil! This gives them a very soft texture and a special taste with a hint of lemon – simply perfect!


2 eggs
100 g powder sugar
1 organic lemon (zest)
100 g melted butter
50 g potato flour
250 g wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
500 g palmin (coconut fat to deep-fry the cookies)

Whisk egg and powder sugar until it does not crackle any longer. Add the lemon zest. Stir in the melted and cooled-down butter. Sift in potato flour, wheat flour and baking powder and blend step by step. Let the dough rest at a cool place until it is solid. Roll the pastry as thin as possible and cut with a Klejner-roll or in 5 cm wide stripes using a sharp knife and a ruler. Cut the stripes again into rhombi, carve them in the middle and twist into the typical klejner form. Let the klejner cool down. Heat the palmin in a pot with a thick base to 180°C. Cook the klejner quickly in the fat, taking 3-4 klejner at a time. Let them cool down on paper towels, such that some of the fat will be absorbed by the towels.


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