Danish Pastry with Apples

Apple pastry

It is more than about time for a sweet recipe! At least that is how I felt two days ago, when I was collecting ideas what to bake this weekend 😉 Since I really miss summer with all the fresh fruit and vegetables, and I didn’t want to let this blog turn into a blog about citrus fruit, I ignored all the lovely orange and lemon recipes and opted for these apple pastries.

These pastries are super easy to prepare (given that you don’t prepare the pastry dough yourself) and all you really need to have for this recipe is apples, the pastry dough and sugar. If you have cinnamon and raisins at home – it’s a plus! So again, a pastry that can be spontaneously prepared for breakfast, or unexpected guests. From starting to peel the apples until the pastry is ready to be eaten – it takes no more than 45 minutes!

Ingredients for 6-8 pastries:

1 Pastry dough from the supermarket
4 small apples
75 g sugar
150 ml water
2 tsp raisins

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Peel all but one apple and cut them into small bits. From the 4th apple cut 6-8 thin slices (around 2-3 mm) perpendicular to the stalk. The remaining part peel and cut as well. Heat apple bits, water and sugar in a sauce pan and let it boil until all the liquid has evaporated. When the apples have been boiling for about 5 minutes, add a pinch of cinnamon. Add the raisins to the apples just before you are taking the pan off the heat.
Cut the pastry dough into even squares – it is important that they are not long rectangles, to get the special form. Use a teaspoon to distribute the apple mixture in the middle of each of the squares. Then place one apple slice each on the filling. Fold the corners of the squares to the middle. Now you have a kind of envelope at whose ends the sauce can easily drip. Therefore press the edges in the corners together and fold the corners of the previously formed square a little bit towards the middle and fix it with your finger. Continue to do so with all 4 corners. Then take the lose ends in the middle of the envelope and fold the outwards again. Repeat with all the pastries.
Brush the baked goods with egg yolk, milk or water and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. After transferring the pastries to a baking sheet with baking parchment, bake them for about 12-15 minutes until they are golden brown.

Tip: Serve lukewarm with vanilla sauce or cream – yummy!


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