The Good News Is…


I am still alive, and I am working on a lot of new recipes as you can see in the picture. Also – I got nominated for 2 awards a couple of weeks ago. Bot more about that later. When summer is approaching and the sun is shining such that you can barely stand the thought of being inside, that’s when normal people start getting really happy and tend to work a little less. Well, not if you’re a student. Finals week falls precisely in this time, when you are craving to use every second you can get in the sunlight. Perfect! So, that is my sort of lame excuse, why there were no posts the last couple of weeks. But be assured, there is more to come, I am not done with this whole blogging thing yet 🙂

While I was on “blogging break” for my finals, I was nominated by two lovely bloggers  (Connie @ LiveEatCreate and The Foodolic) for two blog awards, a thing I am really new to. But first of all, let me just tell you how surprised and honored I was about this kind of attention, and the fact that someone (the girl who is behind the foodolic blog) took the time to spend their one shot of nominating someone on me, was really overwhelming. That is why I want to take the time for a longer wall of text, also to follow all the rules for these awards. But no worries, the next posts will be more prosaic recipes again 😉

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated by the lovely woman behind the foodolic blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Apparently the rules are the following: You answer some questions the nominator asked you about, then it’s your turn to nominate someone else, and ask this blogger some questions. So here we go:

1) What made you start your blog?

When I moved to Denmark and to an apartments with an oven, I was so happy that I could finally dissipate all this excess baking energy 😉 Then I started taking some pictures of the cakes I baked, and I wanted to share them with my friends. At some point it got out of control and I had so many pictures in stock that I would lose some friends on the way because of spamming them. Then I pulled an all-nighter and set up this blog, so here we are 😉

2) Why did you choose to blog in English and not your mother tongue?

Well, I don’t live in Germany anymore, so many of my friends are international. Since I thought it would be a little exaggerated to expect them to learn German to be able to understand my recipes, I decided to write in English such that everybody understands.

3) Which country would you visit to make a cooking class?

Hmm that’s a good question… Maybe Italy, because they have such a broad variety of vegetarian food, and in order to master Pizza baking – a very useful superpower.

4) When you travel… do you usually make food tours, or cooking classes?

Normally, when traveling, I go to museums all the time or spend time in the nature. So I have never planned a tour just for food purposes. However, I was recently in Krakow for the first time, and most “sights” I have seen are probably polish bakeries from the inside. So, I love to go to places with great local food, like Dutch pancakes for example, but it has never been the purpose of a journey.

5) What recipe from your blog are you the most proud off?

Ouuu, that’s a tough one… I am really proud that the rough puff pastry from the spinach bites developed so many layers, but that was not really my own recipe… I guess, I was really surprised by how well the beet linguine turned out, and that was actually a self-developed recipe 🙂

6) Do you do your own pictures?

Yes, I do! And you do not want to know, how many times I have eaten cold food, because it took me so long to get the best pictures. Also in the winter when it is dark almost all day, I planned my days around those few hours of daylight, which I needed to spend in my kitchen, because daylight makes the pictures look most natural. Talk about craziness…

7) What is the best tip someone gave you in relation to cooking?

That is probably my grandma and it was no direct tip. But whenever we wanted her to tell us her recipes for traditional “grandma-dishes”, she would just say:” oh it’s really easy, you need a handful of flour, a pour of milk, some eggs, and a bit of salt, and then you will get a feeling for when the batter is perfect”. This of course never helped us in making her dishes taste exactly like a typical grandma dish, but it taught me to cook by instinct and to not be afraid to try new things.

8) What your favorite cooking show?

That would be the Great British Bake off, or rather the Danish edition Den store Bagedyst. I just love their cozy atmosphere and you can learn so much about baking techniques on the way – perfect!

9) What’s your favorite recipe book?

I must say that I am not really a recipe book kind of person. All too often, I think that there are a few interesting recipes and the rest is just things you would never try anyway, either because it takes too much time, or on the other hand because it’s so simple that you don’t need a recipe book. Therefore, I get most of the inspiration from various homepages.

10) Who are your favorite chefs?

I guess, I don’t have any… It’s simply that I don’t like these fancy restaurants all too much. In my opinion, it’s just too much fuzz and work about food that will be eaten within minutes. Nonetheless I like watching shows like Masterchef, just to learn some mire techniques and get inspiration for new ingredients 🙂

I now want to nominate Melina from About That Food for the Sunshine blogger award. I love her vegan recipes and I hope that one day my pictures will look as polished and perfect as hers 🙂 I am sorry, I couldn’t come up with 10 questions, but here they are: my questions for you, Melina:

  1. What changed your mind about veganism?
  2. Why do you write in English and not your mother tongue?
  3. Did you meet a lot of people through your blog, whom you could support on their way to veganism?
  4. How long does it take you to take the picture you publish?
  5. Do you decide to prepare a “blog meal” in advance, or do you notice while cooking that you could post this recipe?
  6. Do you like to cook with friends or do you prefer to have full control over the kitchen?
  7. What is the best part about being vegan?


The Creative Blogger Award

Funnily enough, for the same recipe (the Kaiserschmarrn with Rhubarb Filets) I was nominated by Connie from LiveEatCreate for a Creative Blogger Award. Thank you as well for your kindness and for the inspiration I get from your blog! Here, the rules are a little bit different:


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Share five facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 – 20 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

(5.1 You also get to pick one out of several pictures as an award. But since this post is already quite long I decided to refer you (the nominees) to Connie’s post, if you want to browse through them and select one for your blog 🙂

Okay, so here is the deal: 5 facts about my relation to food

  1. I just recently decided to try to live completely vegetarian. I always ate only very little meat, so it was not that tough for me to skip meat completely, but sometimes in barbecue season, when the sausages are smelling so nice… I have a hard time staying vegetarian, after all I am a German 😉
  2. Even though I post many baking recipes, whenever I can choose I would always opt for savory food. I love baking, but it’s more about the challenge these many different techniques than about actually eating it.
  3. Still, I love danish pastry. All these lovely cute (very unhealthy) bites, often with puff pastry and cinnamon in some form – they are the best! Definitely better than the otherwise very meat-heavy Danish cuisine, at least if you ask a vegetarian 😉
  4. I love looking at pictures of other food blogs to find inspiration. But still, I think a good recipe which will end in a very delicious meal, is not necessarily very presentable in the way, food is expected to be presented on food blogs. That is why I always also look on the list of ingredients when I decide whether a recipe looks interesting to me or not. Okay, maybe not always, sometimes the eye catcher is actually only the picture.
  5. Don’t even ask, how often I eat my lunch cold, because it took me so much time preparing and arranging everything for a nice picture. During the winter it even got to the point where I would schedule my entire week around the 3 things I wanted to bake/cook for the blog. This was the case, (not that it makes it any less crazy, but still) because food pictures look most attractive when taken at daylight. Since there is only about 5 hours of daylight every day in Scandinavian winter, you really have to plan ahead when to be home at exactly 1 pm, because you need that one perfect picture. I know, it’s crazy.

Here are my nominations. It’s a selective list of mostly vegetarian blogs (for obvious reasons) in random order, which continue to inspire me in different ways – fotography-wise, taste-wise or simply ingredients-wise. Enjoy browsing through their pages and you bloggers: Keep up the great work!

Fallen For Food (often written in German)

The Pleasant Peasant (Amazing use of all sorts of vegetables you can think of)

Stalking Celery (Omg, the title! and the pictures are even better!)

Sweet Josephine’s (again, great pictures)

LouisaNoa (great vegan recipes)

Malene’s Recipes (a Danish food blogger, who recently turned vegan)

Again, thank you all for the inspiration and all the feedback on the way!



5 thoughts on “The Good News Is…

  1. Congratulations! My grandma’s way of cooking (no recipes or accurate measurements) affected how I cook too. I guess grandmas are the same no matter where they are from 😉

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