Pancake Wraps


I am already feeling bored again, and it’s only 3 weeks into my summer holidays. I know. These are serious problems I am facing there 😉 But the only thing that can really lighten up my mood right now is standing in the kitchen and trying out new recipes, like these very summery wraps. Also, I am so looking forward to traveling home in a weeks time – all the German ingredients I couldn’t buy living in Denmark! Hmm… maybe, I should warn my mom before occupying here kitchen for a longer time…

A real summer dish to me always involves salad of some kind. It’s just perfect to have something fresh and juicy, which is not served at the same incredible temperatures as the weather outside 😉 Therefore these wraps turned out to be a great dish for cooling you down on a warm summer day.

Ingredients (serves 1-2):

For the batter: For the filling:
 150 g wheat flour  3 leaves of iceberg salad
 1 egg  3 medium sized tomatoes
 150 ml milk  1 spring onion
 100-150 ml water  1/2 red bell pepper
 salt, pepper, thyme  75 g feta cheese, cubed

Mix flour with salt, pepper and a pinch of dried thyme. Add the egg and start whisking, while you pour in first milk, then water, bit by bit. Be careful with the water the batter shouldn’t be too liquid. Put the bowl with the batter aside and start washing the vegetables. Cut them into small pieces and mix everything together in a salad bowl. Heat up some oil (or butter if you prefer) in a large pan and start baking the pancakes. I always use roughly one soup ladle of dough for one pancake. If necessary, add some oil to the pan before frying the next pancakes. Continue until all batter is used. Staple the prepared pancakes on a plate. You can keep them warm by putting another plate on top 🙂 Fill the pancakes with the vegetable salad and roll to a wrap. Enjoy!

Tip: Spread the wraps with garlic dip or salsa sauce before you fill them with the vegetables.


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