Red Currant Cheese Cake


Well, there is a first for everything. This time I am pretty happy to present to you my first entirely own developped cake recipe! Sun is shining and temperatures are finally reaching a level that is appropriate for summer. Who would want to eat cake in this weather?! But I can assure you, this cheesecake is so fresh and juicy, if it comes directly from the fridge it’s almost as good as ice cream. Almost. 😉

I used some fancy ingredients, like buttermilk quark, but you can easily replace them with e.g. normal quark. Also the red currants can obviously be substituted by other fruit, but I just love the sourness of currants. It adds some freshness to the taste, in my humble opinion. Finally, it was the first time I used agar agar instead of gelatin, an experiment which absolutely paid off! Agar agar sets the quark mixture so much faster than gelatin could ever do, and you don’t need to remove all the items from the fridge, just because the cake needs to rest for “at least 4 hours in the fridge”. With agar agar the cake will also set at room temperature, so you can simply put it in the fridge to cool it down before serving – how convenient!

I used four 8.5 cm cake rings and one 16 cm cake ring.

For the Crust: For the Filling:
250 g flapjacks 500 g red currants
80-85 g butter, melted 500 g mascarpone
 1 pinch of salt 250 g buttermilk quark
100 g sugar
15 g (1 sachet) agar agar
100 ml water
15 g vanilla sugar
200 ml orange juice
200 ml whipping cream

Crumble the flapjacks finely, add salt and the melted butter and mix thoroughly together. Place the cake rings on cake plates of your choice and distribute the flapjack crumbles evenly across the forms. Press firmly together such that the crumbles make a good cake base and put aside. Mix mascarpone, quark and sugar together. Wash and clean the red currants, take a few aside for decorations. Take 1/3 of the remaining currants and transfer them to a smaller bowl, where you use a hand-held blender to blend the fruit to a puree. Take 1/3 of the mascarpone mixture and stir under the puree. Bring 100 ml water with 1.5 tsp agar agar to the boil and let it boil for 2 minutes. Stir under the currant-mascarpone mixture a spoonful at a time. Distribute the mixture evenly on the flapjack bases without loosing too much time, since the batter will set quickly.

Stir vanilla sugar under the remaining mascarpone mixture and whip the cream in a separate bowl. Bring 200 ml of orange juice with the remaining agar agar to the boil and let it again boil for 2 minutes. Stir under the mascarpone mixture a spoonful at a time, then carefully add the remaining currants. Gently fold in the whipped cream and distribute evenly on the mini cakes. Let rest for at least one hour, optimally at a cold place.

Tip: Decorate with fresh fruit and mint leaves before serving.


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