Four Days of Christmas Cookies

While Christmas is coming closer and closer, I am getting more and more stressed – so many gifts to find and pack, exams, making appointments with friends for when I am home again,… It can all be a bit much. But just as last years, I took the time for one relaxing day of baking Christmas cookies together with my roommate, and I finally got around taking some pictures. So the next days you will get one recipe each day! (Hopefully not too late for your Christmas baking session?) Again we made 2 Danish and 2 German recipes, so if you’re curious to find out what exactly we baked – stay tuned 😉

If you forgot: last year, we did the same project and baked two Danish recipes (Klejner and Almond Cookies) as well as three German recipes (Zimtsterne, Vanillekipferl and Terrace Biscuits with Oranges) Happy Baking everyone! 🙂