Apple Crumble Cake

Yes – I am still alive and also still interested in writing this blog! Sorry that I kept you waiting, but the beginning of this year was just crammed full of exams and assignments, so I couldn’t really get my head around baking something. But now I started again and I have a lot of recipes I want to try in my drawer 😉 As you might have guessed, the majority of my Christmas presents was kitchen utensils and they are just waiting to be used!

This German Apfelstreuselkuchen is a really traditional cake to eat in the fall. It is so easy to prepare and also so easy to take with, if you are headed for a hike or a family celebration! Also, I really liked this recipe because the Apples and the Grapefruit juice made the cake really moist, which gave a lovely contrast of textures in combination with the dry crumbles. So go ahead – give it a try, there are more recipes to come 🙂

For the batter: For the topping:
200 g butter, softened 5 large apples
175 g sugar a bit of lemon juice
3 eggs 100 g flour
250 g flour 40 g sugar
1 bag vanilla custard powder 75-80 g butter
2 tsp baking powder a pinch of cinnamon
100 ml grapefruit or orange juice

Start by preparing the crumbles for the topping. In a small bowl, carefully knead together 100g of flour, 40g of sugar, 75-80g of butter and a pinch of cinnamon until you reach a crumbly texture. Put the bowl into the fridge to rest. Cut the apples in thin wedges, collect them in a bowl or on a plate, sprinkle them with lemon juice and let them rest in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 175 °C. For the batter thoroughly beat together the soft butter and the sugar until fluffy, then add one egg at a time, carefully mixing in between. Mix flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar and blend with the egg-butter mixture, taking turns with the juice. Spread the batter on a rectangle baking sheet (30×40 cm). Distribute the apple wedges evenly on the batter, then sprinkle with the crumbles. Transfer the cake to the oven and bake for 35-40 minutes at 175°C until golden brown at the top.


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