Strawberry Yoghurt Tart

I am so happy to be back, and with a fresh new look as well! During the last year quite a few things happened in my life, so I couldn’t really find the energy to cook or bake much not to mention taking pictures of the food and writing about it! But now I live at a place with an amazing kitchen and it is the end of spring, which means there are soooo many great fresh ingredients in the supermarkets, that I just couldn’t help but start this blog again πŸ™‚

I got inspired for this tart by this recipe from a German blogger. So when my family visited me last year, I decided to adapt the recipe a bit – luckily it was to everybody’s liking. Thanks to the large amount of yoghurt (or skyr, whatever you prefer), the filling doesn’t become all too heavy. Also the different textures of the crumbly short crust shell and the soft strawberries combine perfectly, so it all becomes a mouthful of heaven. I must admit, this is probably my favorite strawberry cake I have eaten so far!

Ingredients (24 cm tart form):

For the base: For the topping:
150 g plain wheat flour 200 g mascarpone
40 g sugar 200 g yoghurt
1 tbsp vanilla sugar 1 large organic lemon (zest and juice)
80 g butter 200 ml cream
1 tbsp cream 60 g powder sugar
a pinch of salt 500 g strawberries
fresh mint to decorate

Collect the pastry carefully by kneading all the ingredients together. Make sure they are still cold from the fridge. Put the combined pastry back into the fridge for about one hour. Mix yoghurt and mascarpone together and add lemon zest and juice. Whisk cream and powder sugar until stiff. Carefully fold the whipped cream into the yoghurt mixture and put everything in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 170Β°C. Grease a tart form and sprinkle it with flour. Take the pastry out of the fridge and roll it to a large circle. Transfer the pastry to the tart form and prick the pastry with a fork. Bake the pastry for 12-15 minutes until golden brown. If you have baking beans at home, spread them on top to blind bake the pastry for some minutes and remove them when the edges turn brown. Put the pastry shell aside to cool down.

When the shell has cooled down, spread the yoghurt mixture on top and decorate it with the fresh strawberries and some mint leaves. Put the cake back into the fridge and serve it cool.


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