Bauernbrot – a failed try

Although the loaves in the picture look pretty delicious, this is the story of a failure. I tried to make a good German farmhouse bread, but I could of course only use Danish ingredients so in a moment of overconfidence I changed quite a lot from the original recipe and then it went all wrong.… Continue reading Bauernbrot – a failed try


Kohlrabi Schnitzel Sandwich

Spring has sprung also in Denmark now – finally, I must say! I spent yesterday afternoon outside in the sun with some friends enjoying the view on the beautiful Copenhagen lakes and it almost felt like summer ๐Ÿ™‚ Well okay, the woolen coats may be interpreted as contrary evidence, but I swear I could smelling… Continue reading Kohlrabi Schnitzel Sandwich


Apple hand pies

Aaaand the sun is already gone again… But don’t worry, if you bake some of these apple hand pies and serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it will feel like summer ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s at least what I thought before making these delicious triangles. These hand pies are just perfect for someone who… Continue reading Apple hand pies


Lukewarm Potato Salad

The sun is shining and I really miss home at moments like this, especially since it soon is the time of almond blossom there… The vineyards just look so pretty decorated with the pink almond flowers along the streets – lovely! But Easter is not so far away, so I’ll be there soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Until… Continue reading Lukewarm Potato Salad


Fennel Salad with Citrus Fruits

After a weekend that was almost exclusively spent in the kitchen, I finally started working on my thesis and I am so excited about the project! Apart from being intrinsically motivated to work on my thesis, one good thing is really that I am flexible in my schedule, so I can continue to work on… Continue reading Fennel Salad with Citrus Fruits


Yoghurt Breakfast Bread Rolls

What is better on a Sunday morning than some fresh and crispy bread rolls, coming warm from the oven and filling the kitchen with their lovely smell? And the softly melting butter with a bit of jam…. Hmmmmm, I love it! So for my brother’s visit, we decided to make some bread rolls and found… Continue reading Yoghurt Breakfast Bread Rolls


Mediterranean Rice Bowl

This weekend my brother was visiting me, and since the kitchen is a much nicer place to spend time than the foggy, rainy, cold streets of early spring Copenhagen, we had plenty of time trying out new recipes ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here comes the first one – a Mediterranean rice bowl, which tasted really nice in… Continue reading Mediterranean Rice Bowl