Hazelnut and Poppy Seed Pastry

Weekend is finally there! And what a weekend – it is finally getting warmer here in Copenhagen, so you can finally enjoy a stroll over one of the many flea markets or a tour to the beach while wearing shorts! It’s almost unbelievable! On such a occasion you surely would not want to miss  on… Continue reading Hazelnut and Poppy Seed Pastry



This week, it was my turn to bring something sweet to our orchestra rehearsal – what a great reason to browse through recipe books, food blogs and other recipe sources! Since I like both baking and eating them more than cake, the decision boiled quickly down to two recipes for sweet buns or cinnamon roll… Continue reading Franzbrötchen


Apple hand pies

Aaaand the sun is already gone again… But don’t worry, if you bake some of these apple hand pies and serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it will feel like summer 🙂 That’s at least what I thought before making these delicious triangles. These hand pies are just perfect for someone who… Continue reading Apple hand pies


Yoghurt Breakfast Bread Rolls

What is better on a Sunday morning than some fresh and crispy bread rolls, coming warm from the oven and filling the kitchen with their lovely smell? And the softly melting butter with a bit of jam…. Hmmmmm, I love it! So for my brother’s visit, we decided to make some bread rolls and found… Continue reading Yoghurt Breakfast Bread Rolls