This week, it was my turn to bring something sweet to our orchestra rehearsal – what a great reason to browse through recipe books, food blogs and other recipe sources! Since I like both baking and eating them more than cake, the decision boiled quickly down to two recipes for sweet buns or cinnamon roll… Continue reading Franzbr├Âtchen


Bauernbrot – a failed try

Although the loaves in the picture look pretty delicious, this is the story of a failure. I tried to make a good German farmhouse bread, but I could of course only use Danish ingredients so in a moment of overconfidence I changed quite a lot from the original recipe and then it went all wrong.… Continue reading Bauernbrot – a failed try


Poppy Seed Orange Stars

Ingredients (yields ca 50): For the meringues: For the decoration: 1 organic orange 1-2 organic oranges 3 egg whites 75 g sugar 180 g sugar 125 ml water 1 pinch of salt a bit of egg yolk 2 tbsp orange juice 150 g ground almonds 150 g ground poppy seeds For the decoration Wash the… Continue reading Poppy Seed Orange Stars


Grandma’s Gew├╝rzbrot

Ingredients (yields 1 baking sheet): For the batter: For the icing: 250 g walnuts 200 g powder sugar 100 g butter juice of 1 lemon 2 eggs a bit of water 120 ml milk 250 g sugar 250 g flour 7-8 g baking powder 1 tsp ground cloves 2 tsp cinnamon 1.5 tbsp cocoa Chop… Continue reading Grandma’s Gew├╝rzbrot


Dampfnudeln with Vanilla Sauce

Whenever my grandma is making these, basically the entire family will drop by to make sure to get their fair share of grandma’s best food – Dampfnudeln… So this recipe comes basically straight outta my grandma’s kitchen ­čśë Okay, it actually doesn’t. But that is because my grandma’s recipes work like the ones of every… Continue reading Dampfnudeln with Vanilla Sauce